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Teach a Class

Teach a class for Mounds View Public Schools Community Education!

Do you have a special skill, vocation or expertise? Are you a teacher, retired teacher or a professional looking for ways to continue to share your passion but with a limited commitment? If so teaching a Community Education class may be the right fit for you.

We aim to offer a wide variety of classes and learning opportunities for youth, families & adults in our community who are eager to learn! If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, please complete the online proposal form below to have your course/activity considered for an upcoming Mounds View Schools Community Ed season.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Please review our Community Education definitions and procedures pamphlet to understand the process and how partnering with community education works! Once you have read through the pamphlet please determine if you will be proposing a program as a Community Education instructor, Community Education vendor or as a facility rental.

Complete our online proposal form.  Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Class proposals are accepted three times a year: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.

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  • Community Education is an opportunity to provide high-quality affordable classes to our students and community members.
  • Participants should not be asked to purchase additional products or services to meet the learning objectives of the class.
  • We reserve the right to reject or modify any classes that do not fit our guidelines.
  • Background checks are required for all instructors.

If you have any questions please contact Erin Matteson, Community Education Coordinator at or call the Community Education hotline at 651-621-6020.